March 30, 2009

Contractions.......OH MY GOD

We got to the hospital and were in a room by 9am but then had to wait to see the doctor so that I could get the Cervadil to begin the induction process. This didn't happen until 2:30pm and the medicine had to be in for a minimum of 8-12 hours. At this point we really did think that it would be DAYS before we would get to meet our little Chase. Luckily things started moving pretty quickly at that point, and I started having contractions about 2 hours later that continued to increase in intensity. By 9pm the contractions were pretty painful and definitely felt like the "real deal". This picture was taken of the contractions around 11:15 and right before I asked for an epidural. I'd wanted to wait as long as possible without pain medication but with no end in sight I didn't know how long I'd last so I figured it was time. The epidural lasted for about 2 hours but then started wearing off around 3am. I got a little nervous so I asked the nurse if that was normal. Apparently it wasn't so she paged the anesthesiologist who took an hour to come back to give me more medicine. Within that hour while we waited the contractions came back with a vengence but the increased medication for the epidural never worked. We waited for another hour or so to give the epidural time to work but that never happened. I was hurting so badly that the doctor came back to check my progress and by about 6am I'd gone from 5 to 9cm. By about 7am it was time to push. After 2 and 1/2 hours of pushing, Chase Ryan Dickerson was here!

March 26, 2009

Arriving at the hospital.......

So, after being a week past my due date, we were FINALLY scheduled for an induction on Wed. 3/18. We waited patiently for 6pm to arrive so we could head to the hospital. Unfortunately at 4:30 we got a call from the labor and delivery nurse saying that we needed to wait at home because there were no beds available. We were very unhappy to hear that on top of not being able to go in when we were originally scheduled, the nurse had no idea when a bed would open up and we basically just had to wait for the phone call. So we waited all night and tried to not get too anxious waiting (easier said than done since Matt already hated the hospital to begin with). We got the call at 6am the following morning telling us to be there at 7:30. So, we packed the car and headed to the hospital to get induced to have this baby. We felt like this day would NEVER get here and we would never have this baby.

March 15, 2009

Passing the time......

So we are still waiting on little Chase to make his grand entrance and figured we would pass the time making Haven chase a laser around the house. This cat is CRAZY.

March 13, 2009

One day overdue...

So Chase's due date was yesterday and since we needed to stay busy to pass the time, Matt and I decided to create a blog. Today is my second day of maternity leave and if Chase isn't born soon I may run out of ways to occupy my time. Luckily the doctor went ahead and scheduled us to be induced next Wed., 3/18 in the event that we don't go into labor before then. We are excited to have a definite light at the end of the tunnel and can't wait to meet our little man. In the meantime here is a picture of the nursery.