April 25, 2011


We had our friends Kristina, Neil and their 2 kids, Wes and Parker over this past weekend.  Wes is a year older than Chase and they always have a great time playing together.  

Wes started out by making a quick phone call: 

"Chase, I needed to call my girlfriend real fast.  What's the problem??"

They quickly hugged and all was better.  Good times.  :)

April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

So Easter kind of began last night when I pulled out Chase's outfit.  My dad had gotten him this precious outfit last year for his first birthday.  Given the fact that it's a big size 12-months paired with Chase being a runt, he is just now able to wear it at two years of age.  At any rate, after his bath, I decided to try the clothes on him before putting his diaper on.  (Now that I'm reading over this I'm not really sure what I was thinking...)  So, you can imagine what happened.  He looked so cute that I ran downstairs to grab the camera.  When I came back upstairs, Chase exclaimed, "Oh no!  Poop!".  I looked down and he had pee all over his pants (as seen in the picture below) and was standing in a puddle...of pee.  Nice.  We're still working on him understanding the difference between pee and poop but that's another story...
After completing an unanticipated load of laundry last night, Chase had a clean, new Easter outfit.  And was looking pretty snazzy, I must say.  :)
 Don't you think??
After church, we made a quick stop by Starbucks, headed to Henderson for lunch at my mom's house and then a second lunch at Matt's aunt and uncle's house.  Here are a couple of cute pictures of Chase on the way. 

Surprisingly he loved the tie and didn't want to take it off all day...

Here is Chase with cousin Justice, who is 4.

Chase wasn't as excited as I was for the 2 of us to take a picture together...

Happy Easter everyone!!!

April 17, 2011


At 2 years old, Chase is full of energy and personality.  Overall he is an extremely happy little boy.  Check out these pictures of him being his typical, silly self:

April 14, 2011

Chase's first Easter egg hunt

 This past Saturday was our neighborhood's annual Easter Egg hunt and I was excited about the fact that it was Chase's first one. 
 Before the hunt started he had a pretty good time toting around my water and his Icee around in the Easter basket.  (Since the poor kid can't have ice cream or frozen yogurt, I get excited when I find some sort of frozen treat that is dairy-free...)
Still carrying around the drinks, but gearing up for the hunt by checking out his competition.  
(We were good to go since he was in the 0-2-year-old area...)  :)
He had it down for a while..Until he got about 8 eggs and realized there was candy in inside the eggs.  At that point he stopped, began opening each of his 8 eggs and wanted to eat the laffy taffy and other chewy, stick-to-your-teeth candies...I let him eat a couple pieces (which took him the whole 10 minute wagon ride home to finish) then quickly hid the rest.  :)

April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to you

Chase has had a lot of practice singing Happy Birthday since his was a few weeks ago, so I really wanted to get it on video of us singing to Matt.  (Sorry about the quality of video)...

Happy Birthday the man that this sweet little boy grew up to be!  We love you so much!!!

April 2, 2011

Milk allergy and lipstick

I haven't blogged too much about Chase's milk allergy.  It basically just plains sucks.  And it's still there.  There's not really all that much to say about it.  I think we've adapted to his dietary limitations pretty well.  (Thank God you can still have chicken nuggets and fries when you're allergic to milk).  :)  One of the reasons it's not more 'painful' is that we live so close to places like Whole Foods and Trader Joes where you can buy things like coconut yogurt, which is an absolute favorite...  At any rate, the allergic reactions luckily don't happen that often.  But they have happened twice in the last week.  Earlier this week he had a rash after his breakfast when I dropped him off at Leslie's.  He had his normal oatmeal and I made him a 'smoothie' with strawberries and almond milk.  I blended them up using both my and Chase's leftover cut-up strawberries from the day before.  All morning I thought about what he could have eaten that was different.  All I could think of was that the oatmeal was a new Quaker 'flavor'.  But it was cinnamon.  That's obviously not dairy.  So then I realized that I had been eating (dairy) yogurt the day before and was using the same spoon to dip the strawberries into my yogurt.  I had dumped those same strawberries into Chase's smoothie.  That had to be it, right?  Well, maybe but maybe not.  Because, this morning, Chase had that same Quaker Cinnamon flavored oatmeal...And then about ten minutes later, this is what he looked like:

It's kind of hard to see in this picture (I did the best I could), but see the splotches around his mouth?  And see the redness between his eyes??  He was on a pretty important phone call (probably asking Bebe to hurry up and finish her work in Richmond, VA) so it was hard to get a good shot.
 So I went to the pantry and grabbed the oatmeal box, flipped over the box and read "whey protein isolate" listed as one of the ingredients (otherwise known as milk proteins).  AHA.  Well, there you go.

Now this picture.  Well, this was taken after he got into my lipstick.  He likes to imitate me and I was getting ready for a friend's baby shower.  He wanted to 'participate' so I let him hold my lipstick.  And look what happend.  Silly boy.