April 14, 2011

Chase's first Easter egg hunt

 This past Saturday was our neighborhood's annual Easter Egg hunt and I was excited about the fact that it was Chase's first one. 
 Before the hunt started he had a pretty good time toting around my water and his Icee around in the Easter basket.  (Since the poor kid can't have ice cream or frozen yogurt, I get excited when I find some sort of frozen treat that is dairy-free...)
Still carrying around the drinks, but gearing up for the hunt by checking out his competition.  
(We were good to go since he was in the 0-2-year-old area...)  :)
He had it down for a while..Until he got about 8 eggs and realized there was candy in inside the eggs.  At that point he stopped, began opening each of his 8 eggs and wanted to eat the laffy taffy and other chewy, stick-to-your-teeth candies...I let him eat a couple pieces (which took him the whole 10 minute wagon ride home to finish) then quickly hid the rest.  :)

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