March 18, 2018

Catching up

I have completely dropped the ball on keeping up with the blog and even gave myself permission to basically give up on it.  Chase has however taken an interest in the blog and asked me to start updating it again.  And since his birthday is this week, I decided to honor his request since he is the birthday boy, after all.

There really isn't an easy way to pick up where we left off from several years ago so I just decided to go back as far as my phone will let me see what photos/videos I have saved.  Since I have hundreds of videos documenting Chase since he was a baby, I feel like it's only fair to start with a video of Preston (poor 2nd child who didn't even have any baby photos printed until he was 2). 

Here is a video from almost 3 years ago (April 4, 2015).  Preston was 2 years (and 3 months) here and we were heading back from the beach.  This sweet boy sure has grown.