August 21, 2012

Can I bam on it?

Yesterday afternoon after Chase and I got home (me- work, Chase- Bebe's), he inspected the less-cluttered dining room and more cluttered garage (we're having a yard sale in a couple of weeks).  Chase spent a few days with Bebe and Pop's and Matt and I cleaned the garage, priced yard sale items and moved them all into the now-cluttered, full-of-yardsale-junk garage.  When I drove into the garage, I immediately got nervous about all the things Chase would demand to take out of the yardsale piles and bring back into our house.  He did as I expected but I laid down the law.  I only let him bring in one old toy that he insisted he needed (even though he hasn't touched it in 2 years).

When we went inside, he spotted these 2 shining buckets that were sitting in the dining room- I like them but have no idea where I want them stored/used (anyone have any suggestions?).  He decided they should be used for drums.

He asked for some spoons so he could 'bam on them'.

This 'music' he was making was probably the loudest thing I've ever heard in my life.  I think my ears might still be ringing from it, actually.

But he had a blast and especially enjoyed my exaggerated squeals from the loud noise.

I expected baby boy #2 to be kicking and thrashing from the loud noise.  Maybe all that cheese dip and Mexican food I ate for lunch kept him well insulated.  :)

At any rate, it was an (loud) afternoon that I want to remember.

August 17, 2012

Just funny

Chase makes me laugh so much these days.  Check out the look he had going on yesterday before school:

He is so fully of personality and loves to pretend.  He also loves to put random hats on (or even buckets that he pretends to be police hats).  It makes me laugh to think back to when he was younger.  I would try to put hats on him or sunglasses and he absolutely hated it.  Not anymore.  :)

August 8, 2012

My boys

We had our 18- week ultrasound yesterday and got the exciting news that IT'S A BOY!  We're having another boy!  I'm excited about the sweet simplicity of little boys but of course a little sad that there are no ribbons, bows or pretty little monogrammed dresses in our immediate future.  But, you know what makes me especially excited?  Another one of these:

I'm excited about the fun energy that little boys bring into your life.

And the sweet little things they say.  Like the way he told me he liked my scarf yesterday (otherwise known as my skirt).  He felt it, looked at me and said, "Mommy, I like your scarf.  It's preeetty".

I'm excited about more sporting events and father-son bonding moments like this:

And I'm pretty excited about the mother-son bonding moments like this:

At the UNC hospital waiting room, waiting for our ultrasound.

Besides.  Don't they say that little boys sure do love their mamas?  :)

August 3, 2012

17 weeks

I haven't posted much  about this pregnancy since announcing our big news.  However, when one of my friends requested a baby bump picture I thought that maybe I should also add it to the blog.  Even if no one else is interested in seeing me look like I ate too much, it's a good way to document this journey.

It's hard to believe we're already at 17 weeks.  And it's even harder to believe that we get to find out the gender of the baby next week!  Matt and I are so excited to find out about that.

Other things for the sake of 'documenting' and remembering this 2nd pregnancy: I'm feeling much better than I was all throughout the first trimester, thank God.  Still pretty tired but not feeling as sick as I was.  My back is starting to hurt sometimes if I overdo it.  It's different than when I pregnant with Chase.  With that pregnancy, my back hurt throughout the whole pregnancy but it hurt more to sit for long periods of time.  With this one, if I stand for too long it starts hurting and only feels better when I sit or lay down.

Chase is really funny about the baby, too.  Anytime we talk about the baby in my tummy he says that he has a tiny baby is HIS tummy.  And it's always a tiny baby that he talks about.  never just a baby.  Yesterday morning he announced to Matt and I that he was going downstairs to fix breakfast.  He rubbed his stomach to demonstrate and said, "My tiny baby's hungry."  I laughed and asked if he needed my help.