December 29, 2011

Pre-Christmas Eve

To continue with some pictures from our Christmas weekend, here's a couple funny ones. Just because.

While I was cleaning the kitchen from breakfast, Chase was drawing on a little dry erase calendar on our fridge. I glanced over and he seemed fine. Until I saw that the drawing went beyond the calendar. He was coloring all over the fridge and getting marker all over his face. And this is what that looked like:

Cracks me up because it looks like dirt. :) About an hour or so later, the car was packed with presents, food, and a new book/toy to help entertain Chase during the ride to Henderson.

This may have been the best $12.99 (thank you, Marshalls) I've ever spent because we had a really good time singing Sesame Street songs for the one hour car ride.

Chase loved the CD player that came with it and the book had all the words to the songs. I think I might still have Rubber Ducky repeating in my head. At one point, Matt looked at me and said, "We are definitely parents." Nothing like switching out Jay-Z for a little Elmo. :)

December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

After our fun day at Marbles, Chase took a nap, then we went to pick my dad up from the airport. My dad can fix everything so I asked him to take a look at our leaky garbage disposal. Pretty much as soon as he put down his suitcase, he rolled up his sleeves and got to work. We all know how much Chase is interested in figuring out how things work so he was all into this.

He sat down right beside my dad and stayed there, watching, the entire time.

His little Thomas the Train flashlight came in handy so he used that to help out.

It was a really cute sight, to see Chase and my dad working on this project together.

Chase took a break to do some work on his work 'pooter'. He pulled his kitchen chair over to the living room, plugged the 'pooter' in, sat down with this serious look on his face and got to work.

It was pretty funny.

Pre- Christmas 2011

It's no big secret that Christmas is always pretty crazy for us each year. This year was nice, though, because both Matt and I had Friday 12/23 off from work. So we had the day to ourselves before all the scheduled festivities. Matt wanted to go out and finish up his shopping for me so Chase and I headed to Marbles Museum (along with about 500 other people in Raleigh) to get some quality play time in.

But first, we had a pretty laid-back morning at the house. Chase had a "picnic with yogurt" in the floor of the kitchen, which is always nice.

He's been funny this year with the tree. He's really interested in the ornaments. So interested, in fact, that he will take a few and hang them in his kitchen. (Darn it. I should've gotten a picture of that to demonstrate...)

He grabbed one of my headbands from a drawer in our bathroom while I was getting ready and wanted to wear it.

Luckily we left the headband in the car once we got to Marbles, which was good because he had a lot to do...

Important phone calls to make...

...Food to cook...

...and work to do.

We had a lot of fun playing and getting geared up for the Christmas fun.

(more pictures to follow)

December 1, 2011

Thankful day #30

For the month of November, I have listed out one thing I am thankful for each day of the month. 

This last one might not be as entertaining as some of the other items, but today (which should have been for yesterday) I am thankful for health insurance.  More specifically I am thankful that I have met my deductible and therefore any and every doctor's appointment, medicine, etc will be free (not really, but kind of) from now til July 31, 2012.  Woo Hoo!