February 24, 2011

Pajama day

Let me start by saying that Chase is a great kid.  For the most part he really does listen and behave.  However.  He is less than a month away from turning 2 (sniff, sniff) and his independence is starting to shine through more and more every day.  For instance.  Yesterday.  When I went in to get Chase up and dressed he was pretty freaking adamant that he did NOT want to take his pj's off.  I mean, I kind of understand.  I'd like to wear MY pajamas to work sometimes, too.  But still.  I thought, ok, we'll just take his clothes downstairs and try this whole thing again after breakfast.  Which I tried.  And it didn't work.  He screamed and was clear about his intentions to wear his pajamas to Leslie's.  Which is what he did.
I mean, I'm all about consistency and not letting your child get away with everything (blah, blah, blah) but you know what?  When you're not quite 2, and you don't go to formal daycare, sometimes you get to wear your pajamas.
 ...And your rainboots.  :)  Which were the only shoes that would fit over his footed zip-up pajama suit.  The way I see it, as a mom, you pick and choose your battles.  Luckily this is not an everyday thing.  If it gets to that point, well, I'll just have to let you know what the game plan is.  For now,
This is what Chase looked like when we left for the day.  (As a side note, thank you to Leslie for not making me feel like a bad mom.  When we walked into her house she said, "Well, Chase, if I'd known ahead of time, I'd have left MY pj's on, too!")  And that is why we love her.  :)

February 22, 2011


This past weekend was pretty monumental for the Dickerson household.  We took down the babygate!  Chase has been pretty good at going up and down the stairs for a while so we finally decided to take down the gate that has been at the base of our stairs for over a year now.  It looks kind of wierd after being up for so long.  Chase even seemed a little hesitant at first since I guess he's even gotten used to it.

I don't know about this...

 Do you like this fashionable look of his green rainboots with his pajamas?  :)

Oh!!  Ok!  I've got this!

I'm FREE!!!

February 17, 2011

No problem, mon

Matt and I got back about 9pm Tues. night from Montego Bay, Jamaica.  We had an absolute blast on our get-away.  Our flight left last Tuesday morning at 6am from RDU.  So we woke up about 3:30 in the morning to get ready and head to the airport.  When we got to Jamaica around 12:30 or so in the afternoon we were pretty tired...But not too tired to grab a Red Stipe from the fully-stocked fridge in our room. Check out this amazingly blurry photo that we managed to take of ourselves.  (I love how excited we look.  You'd think we'd never seen a beer before.  But it was RED STRIPE.  In our fridge.  And we were in JAMAICA!!)

 We then headed out to the pool...

Here's the swim-up bar.  Very convenient.
And a lovely photo of my feet and the resort's greenery:
 And later (maybe the next day?) we ventured off the resort to explore Montego Bay.  We took a cab to downtown Montego Bay and had some drinks at Margaritaville.  Check out the water trampolines for people to use during the day:
 That was a view from the water front side and here's a view of the other bars and stores from the street side.
The sunset was pretty cool.  Man I wish I was back there right now...(sigh).

And, a picture of us hanging out at one of the bars at the resort. 
And another picture of the lovely couple for your viewing pleasure...

Here's a beach view of the resort during sunset one night:

And our last night we went back to the downtown area for dinner and drinks.  It just so happened to also be Valentine's Day as well.  I'd say it is probably hands down one of the best Valentine's Day gifts I've ever gotten...(Can we do this every year, Matt???)  :)

 Maybe if I get him a drink like this before asking him next year, he'll take me back??

February 4, 2011

We miss you, Matt!

 Matt is in San Diego this week for a work conference.  He was supposed to leave Tuesday morning but the flight was cancelled due to all the winter weather in the mid-west.  So he got up at 3:45am Wednesday morning to catch his 6am flight to head accross the country.  What a rough week for him with the time difference and all...  It's hard to explain to an almost-2-year-old that his daddy's in California so I've been telling him that Matt's at work and he'll be back tomorrow.  Normally when I get him up in the mornings, he points to our room and says, "Dada night-night."  This morning he pointed to our room and said, "Dada a wooork!".  Pretty cute. 

We sure do miss you, Matt.  There's something special about a father-son bond.  See how Chase looks at him??

 And it melts my heart to see Chase's tiny little hand reaching out to hold Matt's hand.

We'll see you tomorrow, Daddy!  We love you!!

February 3, 2011

New baby

No, this is not the announcement of a new baby for the Dickerson family, people.  :)

This is about a new baby at Leslie's yesterday.  Baby Lily is the 5-month-old little baby in this picture that Leslie kept just for the day.    Apparently Chase did really well with her.  This is what Leslie wrote in his daily note: "Chase was a super big help with baby Lily. He loved bringing her toys and rubbing her gently on the top of her head. he was so curious and watchful with her. He was also a big help when I needed an extra hand. He was bringing tissues and burp clothes and even lily's paci."  It really melts my heart to hear how gentle he was with her and how helpful he was.  What a proud Mama I am right about now.  :)

Alright, ladies...What should we do now??
Now, here's Chase this morning feeding his glow worm a "bottle".  Children sure do learn quickly, don't they??