January 31, 2011


Just want this random (but cute) video of Chase 'riding' on Matt's back after he got home from work one night last week.  I love the fact that Chase is such a boy that as he's about to fall off, he just started laughing...  :)


I recently came across this article called "Should little boys play with kitchens?"  I immediately had to read it because Chase absolutely LOVES to play in kitchens.  http://www.shelterpop.com/2011/01/18/play-kitchen/?ncid=webmail 

He loves to help me when I'm cooking in the kitchen.  He loves to pretend that he's cooking with a spoon, and my empty pots, pans, and bowls.  And he especially loves to cook in his own kitchen that Don and Betty Ann have at their house.  See?

I love to see him take such interest in helping me in the kitchen.  I think it's really important to give him as many opportunities to help because I want him to enjoy being in the kitchen and eventually learn that both men and women can cook.  Right Matt?  ;)
Do you mind??  I'm busy, cooking!           


I have been having technical problems with posting pictures and had originally taken this picture to show off my new fancy monitor.  (I finally realized that I had to disable my pop-ups on the computer to get the pictures to download).

This was really nice to have this monitor yesterday when Chase slept til 8:45 am (instead of his usual 7) then threw up.  I kept waking up, and looking at the smaller, hand-held screen to make sure he was still moving...  He had a nasty stomach bug but luckily is feeling much better today.

January 26, 2011

Happy birthday to me

My 32nd (gasp!) birthday was last Friday and I got a couple of really cool gifts.  The one at the top of the list is a card that Matt wrote me.  I told him not to get me a gift so we were just planning on going to dinner.  He surprised me with a really sweet and heartfelt card.  It made me cry (mission accomplished, right Matt?) and made me feel very special.  The other gift may seem kind of odd  since this is something you normally get before (or shortly after) bringing a newborn baby home from the hospital.  Being the practical and frugal person I am I didn't think we needed a fancy video monitor when Chase was born.  I wanted to save money and get the regular ol' monitor with just the sound.  Well, pretty much almost every day for the last 22 months I've had a MAJOR case of monitor-envy.  I started realizing that it's not too late for us to use this with Chase.  Luckily he's still very happy in his crib.  And, luckily he's not trying to climb out of it.  But at some point we'll move him to a toddler bed and it will be nice to use the video monitor to see what he's up to when he's free to roam around his room during bed and nap time.  So, thank you Don and Betty Ann, for one of the coolest birthday presents ever!  (Matt thanks you, too!)  :)

January 18, 2011

Milk allergy in action

This is what happens when Chase sticks the tip of his finger in Matt's cereal then touches his cheek:
See that rash on the lower right side of his face??  It started spreading down his neck as well...

Matt thought I was crazy to take a picture, but, if you're a mom then you understand my need to document this.  When Chase outgrows his allergy to cow's milk I know I'll quickly forget what this was like.  So here it is.  For me to look back on years from now.  :)

January 14, 2011


At Leslie's today, they played with stickers.  Chase stuck a bunch on his nose and then apparently posted for some silly pics.

Here's a rather serious face:

 Still serious but with a touch of silly...
 What a happy boy.  Looks like he had a great day. 
Happy Friday, everyone!!!

"Ahh WUHH you"

Chase has been talking more and more, repeating everything that we say and it's amazing to notice how quickly he learns.  He always hears 'I love you', especially when one of us is leaving.  It's usually paired with us telling him to blow us (or whoever is leaving) a kiss, followed by 'I love you'.  For a while he would try repeating the words and it came out as a quiet mumble.  Well, over the last few days, he's started doing it on his own.  Even funnier, when he's at Leslie's, he's started a new routine.  He will grab his play keys, walk over to the car, blow a kiss, and say, "Ahh WUHH you" (all with a serious I-mean-business kind of way).  It's really cute.  I especially love his version of 'I love you'.  :)

January 10, 2011


Here's where Matt and I will be in 28 days!!  We haven't been on a 'real' vacation since our honeymoon to Mexico 5 years ago so we are taking some Christmas money that we got and treating ourselves to 7 days of relaxation in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  I'm so excited I can't even stand it.
 Chase will be spending some quality time with the grandparents so everyone wins this way.  :)
Check out the people doing water aerobics.  Matt and I will not be doing that.  We might watch them from our pool chairs with our fruity drinks in hand, though.  :)

January 6, 2011

More than friends?

Here's a funny set of pictures that Leslie took of Chase and Samantha yesterday.  They both climbed up in this chair together.

Hey, Baby.
 Chase leaned over to get a little kiss from his friend, Samantha.
 I'm sure glad to see how much they like each other. 
Cute, pics.  Thanks for sharing, Leslie!!

January 4, 2011

Not a Slacker

For all of you avid followers of my blog :)  , I thought I'd let you know that there will be fewer postings.  Not because I'm slack, but because our computer is sick/dead.  It was a very sad day when we realized the laptop just wouldn't turn on.  So, I have to make a trip over to Intrex to see if they can fix it.  Let's hope so.  Otherwise it may be quite a while before you see any more cute pictures of my sweet little boy.  Stay tuned!  :)