November 23, 2013

My heart swells

Last night I had a moment.  A blog-worthy moment.  Not that I haven't had any other ones in the last 3 months but life has been too busy for me to devote the time to blog about it.  Last night I had this moment and formulated the blog posting in my head and had to get it down this morning.

My moment happened at my cousin Lee's wedding rehearsal last night.  Chase has the important responsibility of being the ring bearer in the wedding today.  During this rehearsal, he walked down the aisle, turned around, looked at Matt and me and gave us a thumbs up.

He then made some silly faces.

As I was watching him, giving him a thumbs up and returning the silly faces, I got tears in my eyes and had a moment.  A moment where I felt my heart swell.  People (mothers in particular) sometimes say that things happen that "make their heart swell".  Well, this was a moment that made my heart swell.  I literally felt my heart get bigger in my chest as I felt the pride and love for my precious, funny, charismatic 4-year-old grow.  I fought back the tears, feeling like an idiot ("Why am I crying??," I thought).  It's hard to put into words but my moment happened where I looked at my sweet little boy, the charming way he worked everyone around him (all night) and I fell in love with him more than I thought possible.  I'm so proud of the little boy he is becoming and watching interact with people makes this mama so happy.

It was a moment that my heart swelled.