April 19, 2013

Random updates

Here are a few random pictures and updates...

Preston had been sleeping pretty well up until a few weeks ago.  I swear he was sleeping through the night but Matt says that only happened a few nights in a row.  At any rate, he's been digressing as far as sleeping at night goes.  Apparently this is pretty common at this age (3 months).  Basically he's been wiggling his little arms out of the swaddle.  And not just a swaddle blanket, but the Miracle blanket that has about 4 flaps that wrapped him up like a straight jacket.  I looked at the video monitor one night and he'd managed to wiggle BOTH arms completely out of all 4 flaps.  So he'd get his arms out and then wake himself up.  So the next night I tried just putting him in a sleep sack with his arms free.  That didn't work because he needed the swaddle to fall asleep.  So I talked to a friend of mine who'd used something called the 'Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit'.  I was a little apprehensive about the whole 'magic' part of this since the last 'magic' sleep thing wasn't so magical for us.  So Kristin sent me hers to borrow to see if it worked for Preston.  It actually works pretty well because it keeps him feeling cozy like the swaddle but keeps the reflexes from waking him up.  This is what he looks like at night in his bed:

Since we started using it a few nights ago, the sleep has been getting progressively better.  Last night I fed him at 11 and he didn't wake up until 7.  Let's hope it continues...

Chase is still really sweet with his little brother.  He talks in this cute, high-pitched voice when he leans down to talk to him and kiss him and I love it.

This little guy is still such a happy baby.  Although he will definitely let you know when he's not happy.

This picture above was one morning before we left for Leslie's.  I think it's cute that Chase doesn't mind when I lay Preston down beside him.

Here's a fuzzy picture of tummy time.  He's getting so strong and has even rolled over a few times (from his tummy to his back).