June 27, 2009

Chase's friends, the elephants

Chase loved taking naps in his pack n play at the beach...Mostly because of these little elephants that he got to see when he woke up. We don't have a mobile with elephants in his crib at home so this was a real treat. When he would wake up I would go in there to find him reaching with all his might to touch them.

One confused little guy

Matt bought Chase this cute little NC State hat a few weeks ago.
Here we have equal representation of both schools. We'll just leave it up to Chase to choose (shut up, Matt).

Tummy time

I've gotten a little behind on my postings since it was a busy week so I'll try to catch up... Chase still isn't crazy about tummy time. We are trying to put him on his tummy to help work out those little back muscles but most of the time he either just lays there like you can see here, or starts chewing on his hands. Occasionally he'll get mad and start wiggling around (which of course is the right idea). We'll keep working on it...

June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

Matt has been complaining all week about all the "I love Mom" bibs and outfits that Chase has. I guess I hadn't realized how many he actually had. I surprised Matt with this cute little onesie for Father's day that says "I love my dad". Chase wore it to the mall and to Cheesecake Factory where we met Matt's family for lunch. Too bad it got dirty not long after lunch due to a massive dirty diaper. I think that's the real reason Chase looks so happy here.
Matt's smiling at Chase finally wearing an outfit proclaiming his love for his dad.
I love my dad!
Here's a cheesy family photo of us from this past week. Happy Father's Day, Matt!
Chase loves his Mommy, too.

More vacation pictures

I've tried out our Baby Bjorn carrier a few times with Chase facing me since he has been too little to face out. He never really liked it but now that he is holding his head up better I pulled it out at the beach for a practice run. I'm not real sure if I did it right (aren't his arms supposed to go through some sort of hole??) and he wasn't so sure he liked it either. All this baby equipment takes more than a college degree to figure out how to use. Don't worry, Chase we'll keep working on it.
Matt's entire family (about 20 people total) was all at the beach. Chase was a pretty popular little guy. Here you can see his fan club in the works. Whew! All that admiration gets tiring. Chase is taking a nap in the floor of the dining room in this picture (close enough for all the members of his fan club to see him at all times).
I took this sweet picture of Chase sleeping in Matt's arms after a day full of fun.

June 18, 2009

Beach vacation

We are at the beach (Emerald Isle) with Matt's family for the annual Wilder family vacation. Here is Chase before going out for his first adventure in the pool (the baby pool of course...). He was a pretty good sport about the sunglasses and hat.
Here he is contemplating what is about to happen.

Oh. This isn't so bad... (That's what Chase was thinking, I think).

Again. He was a pretty good sport. We let him just sit in the pool thinking that he was enjoying it. The shivering and trembling of his little bottom lip led us to believe otherwise.

Whew! What a day...

June 11, 2009

There's a naked boy in the kitchen!

Chase needed a bath when he and I went to visit my mom last weekend. She didn't have a baby bath tub like Matt and I use with him at home so instead we bathed him in the kitchen sink. The second his little naked body hit that water he started peeing. For some reason I think that is quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen. Every time it happens I laugh like I've never seen it happen before.
I think what makes it so funny is that while he's peeing his facial expression doesn't change. So he just looks like this.

June 8, 2009

Wiggle worm

On Sat. morning Matt went in to peek at Chase before he left for his golf trip...And this is what he found. Good thing we have Chase in a positioner so he can sleep safely on his back, huh? It's strange how a baby who can't hold his head up or roll over yet manages to squirm out of it. (Also, notice how the top velcro strap of his swaddle blanket had gotten stuck on the positioner. The next place he squirmed he was dragging the positioner with him apparently)... Pretty funny.

Fun in the sun

Matt went on a golf trip this past weekend to Pinehurst. So Chase and I went to Henderson to visit my mom (aka Meme) and my stepdad (Papa) and go swimming. It was also a good opportunity for us to bust out Chase's new hat and sunglasses.

This was his first time swimming...I mean, dipping his feet in the pool. He didn't really seem that excited about but then again he also didn't seem to get too upset.

I think he was probably a little more upset about the crap on his face and head. ("What are they doing to me", is most likely what he was thinking).

Justice seemed to enjoy Chase's hat more than Chase did.

Justice wanted to hold Chase so here's what happened. This is about the point where we decided it was time for Chase to go back in the house where it wasn't so bright and people didn't put stuff on his face and head. He was much happier at that point. :)

June 6, 2009

Little Wolfpacker

Matt has been giving me a hard time about Chase never wearing any NC State things. So when I was picking out a bib to put on him the other morning I found this State bib that matched his little polo outfit. Reluctantly I put it on Chase. However, when I thought about it it didn't bother me too much because I'd rather him throw up on his State bib than his UNC one. :)

See? He was so unhappy about it I just finally had to take it off him. (Don't worry Chase...you look better in Carolina blue anyway...) ;)

June 4, 2009

Baby genius

They say that it's never too early to start reading to babies so I've been trying out different books with Chase. I found a counting book that I bought before Chase was born and decided to see how he liked it. Apparently the bright colors and simple pictures held his attention pretty well.
Here you can see how intently he was staring at the book. Matt and I think that the fact that his head is in the 90th percentile is indication of his intelligence. Either that or he's just got a big head. He's still pretty cute. :)

June 1, 2009

Chase's silly faces

I asked Matt to try and take a picture of Chase smiling. We've had trouble lately catching it with the camera. The issue is not how often Chase smiles because it seems like that is happening more frequently than ever now...It's a just a matter of catching it on camera. The problem now is that he'll start smiling but as soon as we put the camera in his face he becomes more interested in the camera than what he was originally smiling at. I guess the camera is a little distracting...SO, here are some funny faces that Matt did manage to catch during his photo session with Chase this past weekend.

Here we go. This looks like Chase was most likely not only smiling at his dad but also telling him about his day. (It sounded something like " Ooooo" and "Ahhhhh" but we understood what he meant)

This is the face I was talking about. He's thinking "what is this shiny black thing you guys keep putting in front of my face?"

He's thinking about smiling in this picture but he wanted to make Matt work for it. Smart boy.

WHOA. Not sure what this crazy face is about.