June 8, 2009

Fun in the sun

Matt went on a golf trip this past weekend to Pinehurst. So Chase and I went to Henderson to visit my mom (aka Meme) and my stepdad (Papa) and go swimming. It was also a good opportunity for us to bust out Chase's new hat and sunglasses.

This was his first time swimming...I mean, dipping his feet in the pool. He didn't really seem that excited about but then again he also didn't seem to get too upset.

I think he was probably a little more upset about the crap on his face and head. ("What are they doing to me", is most likely what he was thinking).

Justice seemed to enjoy Chase's hat more than Chase did.

Justice wanted to hold Chase so here's what happened. This is about the point where we decided it was time for Chase to go back in the house where it wasn't so bright and people didn't put stuff on his face and head. He was much happier at that point. :)

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