April 24, 2009

New friends for Chase

We'd been joking because Chase has been focusing so much on the dark brown fan in our living room and over the last few weeks has started smiling really big at it. So, we thought we should give the fan a name since it seems like Chase has gotten so attached to it. We call "her" Fanny (very creative). Well, I pulled out this colorful Baby Einstein activity thingy and Chase started focusing on all the toys hanging from it. I guess it's a little more stimulating than looking at Fanny. :)

April 20, 2009

Our youngest babysitter

Justice loves "baby Chase" so much and after pretending that he was a baby himself, he decided that he wanted to hold him. Pretty cute.

Yes, they are sitting in Chase's car seat. Weight limit? What do you mean?? Don't worry, everyone...We were standing REALLY close by. (just in case...) :)

I don't know if Justice had more fun "helping" with baby Chase or pretending to be a baby himself. We had fun either way.

Family time

Here is our precious little nephew, Justice. We saw him this weekend at Katy's shower. He's playing with this baby chicken and I thought it was a really cute picture...
He's the sweetest thing ever...Well, the 2nd sweetest little boy right after Chase... :) He's giving some kisses to Mimi here.

Again, it's crazy how fast kids grow up. I can't believe Justice is 2 already!! Watch out, Chase because this will be you before too long!

Happy 1 month birthday, Chase!!!

I really can't believe that it's been one whole month since this little guy was born. Time really does fly. Matt and I met Doug and Lynette in our childbirth class and here are some pictures of Chase that Lynette took last week. She is so talented...These pictures turned out great. Thanks, Lynette!! :)

April 13, 2009

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail...

Here's Matt burping Chase after his Easter lunch of breastmilk (mmm...). Matt says that he is better at burping Chase (and I think he's right...) so I let him take over.

Here's a picture of the proud but tired parents. Now that the doctor said we can let Chase sleep through the night without waking him to eat he has decided that he wants to wake up and eat every 2-3 hours. (Awesome.) This doesn't leave much time for sleeping, unfortunately. I guess he likes to eat small, frequent meals like his mom.

We found these bunny ears while out shopping on Saturday and couldn't resist. Chase is going to kill us when he gets older and sees these pictures. Some people might think it was kind of mean but we think he looks really cute...

April 7, 2009

Posing for the camera...

Matt's going to KILL me for this but I had to add it in celebration of the Heels big win last night!!!
I thought this picture was pretty funny because Chase looks JUST like Matt here. :) It's kind of scary...

April 2, 2009

Here's one particularly angelic picture of little Chase that his Bebe took yesterday. I really could just eat him up...
Oh, wait. Maybe I like this one better. I thought both of these were pretty sweet as well. :)

Here's Aunt Lauren spending some quality time with Chase. Unfortunately he slept most of the time...
Here's a funny one where we caught the beginnings of a smile.

April 1, 2009

Taking it easy at home

Here are some sweet pictures of my favorite little man. He seems pretty happy to be home just like his mom and dad, although he's getting a little more sleep than we are...

I snuck some UNC socks on him here while Matt was at work. :)

On the way back to the doctor to have Chase's weight checked again. (No worries, our little guy is gaining weight and eating well!)

How can you not love this sweet little thing?

First doctor's visit

Here he's looking like our chill little man who doesn't have a care in the world. :)

Chase didn't seem too happy to be getting checked out...

This was a picture I took while on the way to the pediatrician for Chase's first doctor's visit while Matt went in Starbuck's to get mom and dad some much-needed caffeine....

We're going home!!!!!

We got the clearance for Chase to be discharged on Monday, 3/23 and headed to the nursery to watch the mandatory infant CPR video. Well, just like many other things not going as planned from the time we entered the hospital, the CPR DVD wouldn't work. So, the nurse had to get a doctor from another floor to convert it to a zip drive and then bring in his lap top for us to use to watch the video. At 8pm (2 and 1/2 hours after we got to the nursery) we FINALLY were able to leave the hospital and take little Chase HOME!!!!