June 1, 2009

Chase's silly faces

I asked Matt to try and take a picture of Chase smiling. We've had trouble lately catching it with the camera. The issue is not how often Chase smiles because it seems like that is happening more frequently than ever now...It's a just a matter of catching it on camera. The problem now is that he'll start smiling but as soon as we put the camera in his face he becomes more interested in the camera than what he was originally smiling at. I guess the camera is a little distracting...SO, here are some funny faces that Matt did manage to catch during his photo session with Chase this past weekend.

Here we go. This looks like Chase was most likely not only smiling at his dad but also telling him about his day. (It sounded something like " Ooooo" and "Ahhhhh" but we understood what he meant)

This is the face I was talking about. He's thinking "what is this shiny black thing you guys keep putting in front of my face?"

He's thinking about smiling in this picture but he wanted to make Matt work for it. Smart boy.

WHOA. Not sure what this crazy face is about.

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