January 14, 2011

"Ahh WUHH you"

Chase has been talking more and more, repeating everything that we say and it's amazing to notice how quickly he learns.  He always hears 'I love you', especially when one of us is leaving.  It's usually paired with us telling him to blow us (or whoever is leaving) a kiss, followed by 'I love you'.  For a while he would try repeating the words and it came out as a quiet mumble.  Well, over the last few days, he's started doing it on his own.  Even funnier, when he's at Leslie's, he's started a new routine.  He will grab his play keys, walk over to the car, blow a kiss, and say, "Ahh WUHH you" (all with a serious I-mean-business kind of way).  It's really cute.  I especially love his version of 'I love you'.  :)

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