October 19, 2009

All dressed up and someplace to go.

I love this frat-tastic outfit on Chase. He's a little stud.
It's been a while since Matt and I have had a reason to get dressed up, so thanks to Champ for being that reason. This was before the rehearsal dinner on Friday.

This picture was before the wedding on Saturday. Chase was a trooper because he was pretty tired. He had a hard time taking good naps pretty much the entire weekend. I think he was afraid he'd miss something.
Champ and Chase on the Big Day. Congrats!!!


  1. Great pictures!! It WAS a great weekend!
    Love, Bebe

  2. Mandy, you do NOT look like you had a baby, what... almost 7 months ago!!! Not fair!! And, Chase, as always, you look adorable!

    See you soon.
    ~Jenn Koehler, Noah's mom!