October 5, 2009

Brunch with the girls...and Chase

Yesterday I met my college girlfriends for brunch in Winston-Salem. Since it's about the half-way point between Raleigh/Durham and Charlotte, it was the easiest place for us to meet for a day trip. It's unfortunate that our weekend get-aways are becoming more difficult since life has become busier for everyone with babies, careers, husbands and other things dominating our free time. Not that any of these things are bad, of course. They just make it a little more difficult for us to escape on a regular basis for weekend trips. Here are some pictures that we took after we ate. We'll start with the two youngest additions to our group. :)

We were excited to have Callie visiting all the way from Boston. It was the first time she'd met Chase and Anna Grace. She looks surprised that Laurie handed her both babies so she could get her camera out.
Then she smiled and thought, "I got this."
Chase was excited to meet Leslie for the first time, too. I don't think he minded too much that he was the only guy there. He liked the attention. :)

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