November 22, 2009


Yesterday Matt was keeping Chase while I helped Betty Ann at the Junior League holiday market. Just to give some background info, when I got Chase up yesterday morning when he first woke up, I saw him (for the very first time) go from being on his hands and sitting... to almost pulling up... This was all in a matter of seconds. So I thought 'wow, he's gotten good, pretty quickly'. Little did I know it would merely take a little more practice for him to perfect his moves. When I called Matt later in the day to check in, he reported that Chase had pulled up to standing, was therefore refusing to nap (Why nap when standing is so much more fun???)...AND had almost hoisted himself over the crib. He casually mentioned this part (later telling me that he didn't want to worry me). When I got the details later, Matt told me that Chase had half his body hanging over the edge of the crib, with his head facing completing downwards and his feet no longer touching the crib mattress. Huh. Matt said that he heard his "thud, thud, thud" sound so he went upstairs to inspect. That sound (as you can see from the video) is Chase happily smacking his hands on the top of his crib. It's almost like he's saying "DAD!! Come see what I can do"!

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