November 9, 2009

Look what else I can do

With Chase scooting, rolling, and sliding all over the place he's been more and more unhappy in his car seat. Gone are the days where Matt and I could go out on a Saturday night and have him contently sleep while we leisurely ate dinner. Now, everytime we put him in his car seat (which of course is still the infant carrier), he immediately pulls his little head up so that he can see either side of what's going on outside the carrier. So. A few weeks ago I decided it was time to see how he'd do in a grocery cart since he can sit up...And he loved it. Luckily all the carts have little seat belts so I could strap him in, he could hold on and look at all the excitement going on around him without the limitations of his car seat. This has been pretty nice for me as well since that darn carrier is getting heavier and heavier...(wait. I think that Chase is actually the one getting heavier, but whatever.) Anyway I think he looks so funny sitting up all independently but I kept forgetting my camera. So this past weekend Matt and I needed some things from Target, so I took a picture of Chase, who was along for the "ride".

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