January 31, 2010

Snow day!!

We were so excited to see all the snow this weekend.  Especially since it was Chase's first real snow (I don't count those flurries that we got about a month ago as 'real' snow).  We spent about 10 min. getting all dressed, ready to play outside...Then we got outside and Chase lasted approximately 5 minutes.  Part of the problem was that it was right before his morning naptime.  Either way he looked pretty cute in his little outfit.  :)

He seemed happier when we held him...So that's what we ended up doing.  Oh well.  It'll be more fun next year when he can actually walk around in it.


  1. Love the outfit... so cute!! We'll have to get the kids together next winter to play if we get snow again.. you just never know in NC!

  2. We were so excited to see pictures of Chase in the snow -- what a cutie! I can tell you that we considered driving from Hillsborough to see Chase in the snow for the first time! We restrained ourselves, but barely! Bebe