February 2, 2010

More snow pictures

I didn't buy any sort of snow 'toys' last Friday in anticipation of the snow because I was determined not to jinx things.  (For some reason I thought that if I ran out and bought a sled it wouldn't snow).  Plus I thought that Chase was too little to really enjoy playing in the snow.  However, after seeing pictures of a couple of our friends' kids in their super cool sleds (thanks, Doug and Lynette), I thought I'd take a chance and see if I could find a sled for Chase.  I called the Buy Buy Baby store thinking that they would laugh at me and say that they were sold out but I got lucky and they still had some for sale...for only $17!  So I left work early yesterday and brought Chase's new sled home to take advantage of the beautiful sunny day and leftover snow.  Lauren even came over to join in the fun.
The wardrobe change was due to the drop in temperature when the sun started going down.  When Matt got home from work we went back outside for round 2 of Chase's sledding adventures.  He had a great time...as you can see.  :)
Here's Aunt Lauren taking a turn pulling Chase.

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  1. Isnt' the sled great!? :) Glad Chase enjoyed it as much as Ada did.