March 12, 2010

Chase loves the ladies.

A couple of months ago, our friends Doug and Lynette came over with their little girl, Ada. We video-taped Chase pushing Ada in his little wagon. It was really funny to watch the two of them interact and especially funny to watch him push her in the wagon considering that he couldn't/can't walk yet. But he can move pretty well when pushing the wagon. It was really funny to us because he'd never pushed it before with something in it. So seeing sweet little Ada riding in it was quite entertaining for us 4 adults.

It's just as cute to watch Chase interact with his little friend Samantha. Samantha is Leslie's little girl and Chase goes to play with them three days a week. So, today, he apparently was a little gentleman and pushed Samantha (Leslie's 10-month-old) around in an empty box. Check out the video on her blog to see Chase in action. What a little stud muffin.

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