March 18, 2010

Sick baby boy

Poor Chase has been fighting some sort of stomach bug all week.  It started with him throwing up while Betty Ann was keeping him Tuesday morning.  Then Leslie said he was still a little "off" yesterday.  Both days he's slept about 4 hours between his 2 naps (this is of course in addition to the full 12 hours of sleep each night that he still got).  So this morning Matt and I got up and dressed for work then I went in to feed Chase his bottle.  He took half his bottle then approximately 5 minutes later threw it up all over himself and me.  Poor little guy.  So I changed from my vomit-ey work clothes into comfy clothes and called into work to say I'd be hanging out with my sick baby for the day.  He really was pitiful, just wanting me to hold him and cuddle on the couch. 
This is the sad, sleepy look that he had on his face most of the day.  Luckily he didn't throw up any more today but he wouldn't eat anything except for a handful of puffs and about 5 bites of a graham cracker.  I just kept trying to keep fluids in him so he doesn't get dehydrated.  At one point there were about 8 different kinds of bottles, cups and glasses in my attempt to get him to drink any and everything.  (To further explain, he always wants to drink whatever you're drinking.  So when I was drinking coffee this morning I had to put some juice in a coffee mug for him to make it more enticing than his sippy cup).  At any rate, let's just hope that he gets better by his birthday on Saturday!!!

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