April 16, 2010

Food fun

It's been fun to see what kinds of foods Chase will eat. He's definitely becoming more independent and wants to do it all himself so I've had fun trying to be more creative with foods that he seems to like. I pulled out the book Deliciously Deceptive that I got when I was pregnant to get ideas of ways to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into what I make and what Chase eats. It's still a bit of a challenge since he has this darn milk allergy but I'm becoming more comfortable using soy substitutes for many recipes that call for dairy. Pasta is one thing that Chase really seems to like and he does well with eating it independently. So I made some "spaghetti" sauce with ground turkey, sneaking in some pureed carrots and spinach and he loved it. (As a side note this is a good way to trick Matt into eating more veggies as well. :) )
Eating is a pretty messy event in our house but it's worth it to see our little guy shoveling it all in.
I love this cute little expression in the picture below. I think I was maybe tickling him to get him to smile. :)
With all these teeth he can sure chow down!

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  1. Too Cute! He is doing such a great job with his new foods. Maybe I should try this on Tim so he eats his veggies too :)