June 9, 2010

Weekend festivities

This is a little late to be posting about our weekend plans last weekend since it's Wednesday and all, but we had a great one.  I've really been wanting to be more "social" and that's exactly what I got.  We started the weekend by going to our neighborhood pool party.  We weren't sure what to expect but I really wanted to go because we've never been to any of the neighborhood events.  It was complete with a DJ and games that required clearing the entire pool every 10 minutes, which was awesome.  It wasn't that bad, but I think we might've had more fun if we were ages 7-15.  It was ok since we didn't stay long anyway.

After the pool party, Chase took a nap and then we headed to my coworker LeAnna's house for her birthday party.  It was really cute seeing Chase interact with all the "big boys" that were there.
But mostly, Chase enjoyed playing with this phone:
He was on a pretty important phone call in this picture.
...But he told his girlfriend to hang on for a second so he could take a quick picture with his Mama.  :)

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  1. sweet pix of mommy and boy! mandy, you look so pretty!