July 11, 2010

Fun with Friends

I'm late with this posting, but last weekend we went to our friends' house, Doug and Lynette, to have dinner and let Chase play with their cute little girl, Ada.  The last time we all hung out, Chase was sick and not much fun.  This time around that was not the case.  Lynette always talks about how 'wild' Ada is but Chase had NO problem keeping up with her.  It was hilarious to watch.  I really wish I'd recorded them screaming and giggling because it was really cute.  Here are some pictures that Lynette took:

Here is Chase going down the slide.  He kept trying to climb up the slide rather than sliding down it but whatever.
Yeah, here you go.  You can tell how much fun he's having in this picture.  I love it.
We tried to get the kids to sit beside one another so that we could get a picture of them together but this is how that worked out.  Not so much.

At any rate, thanks again for having us over, guys!  It was great seeing you!

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  1. So great seeing you guys, and especially seeing the kids playing (squealing) together. We'll do it again soon! :)