August 20, 2010

Shopping, anyone??

So I'm not really into all the cutsey little preppy baby boy outfits.  I mean, don't get me wrong.  I'm a complete prep and I dress my son the same way.  We are all about some polo outfits, khaki shorts, new balance shoes, and button-ups (wait.  Are we talking about Matt here or Chase??).  I'm just not into all those little monogrammed, plaid, rompers with matching turtle necks.  (I'm really sorry if I'm offending anyone who loves those).  I just really like it  when Chase looks like a mini-Matt.  A little mini-man.  But I think it's really funny that given the fact that Chase is ALL BOY, he loves to grab any purse/bag and put it on his shoulder.  We were shopping last weekend and when we walked past the purse section he started squealing to get down.  As soon as he was out of his stroller he grabbed a purse.  (We added the hat just because.)

'What?  You know I look GOOD.'

'I am SO FUNNY!!'
This last picture makes me laugh.  He is such a silly boy.  Full of personality.  This 'photo session' is even funnier to me because of Chase's shirt: "Don't bother me.  I'm on vacation."  Apparently it's acceptable to act effeminate when you're on vacation.

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