September 20, 2010


So.  Everyone knows I love a good sale.  When I started getting emails a few weeks ago about the Kids Everywear consignment sale at the Morrisville outlet mall I got pretty excited.  I mean, granted we don't really NEED anything for Chase right now.   But come on.  You can always look.  And if it's a good price then I'm there.  So I left work early on Friday and headed to Morrisville to see what I could find.  I think the best thing was this toy:
It was $15.  Yeah, I know.  That's not exactly yard sale kind of prices, but look how excited Chase was.  He LOVED it.  So it's worth it.
See how he was concentrating??  Mission accomplished.

This was a good find, too.  For $10 I found this portable boosterseat/highchair.  (That yellow thing on the bottom pops off and is the tray)

So Chase and I both had fun Friday afternoon playing with the things I found at the consignment sale.  I was pretty disappointed in the clothes.  I think I'd rather catch Old Navy or Carter's having a good sale because I just didn't think the clothes were worth it.  I'm holding out for the annual Junior League Bargain Sale ( that's coming up soon.  Definitely good stuff there. Gotta love a good sale.


  1. Hey, good finds! And I'll have to make a note of the Junior League sale!

  2. Let me know when you're doing the sale and if there is good stuff! Can't wait to see you next week.

  3. mandy, our downing creek baby sale is saturday! it starts round 7:30 am. love a good sale!