November 4, 2010


Like I mentioned before, the recent computer issues have set me back quite a bit with blog postings.  (These issues have also about sent me OVER THE EDGE several times as well.  But that is another discussion...).  You'll notice that Chase has a ghost on his shirt.  It's obviously no longer Halloween.  or October.  But I took these pictures a week or so ago when Chase and I were playing on the playground at the church near our house.
 (He needed to bring his goldfish along as well.  I swear, that is one of reasons that Chase is still a little runt.  Because he is always on the go.  He likes to take his food with him on the go as well.  And if that's how I get him to eat more then I'm usually ok with that.)
 Love this expression.  :)

 ...And this expression:

What a sweet boy.  I know every parent probably feels like this but looking at these pictures makes my heart melt.  :)  I can't believe how crazy I am about this little boy...


  1. I can believe how crazy you are about that little boy! I understand completely!!!! In many ways!

  2. havfta have da snacks! such a sweet boy!