June 9, 2011

Thomas at Tweetsie

We took Chase to see Thomas the Train this past weekend at Tweetsie Railroad in Boone.  Chase is a big fan of Thomas so we were pretty excited to see how he would react to a life-size version of the train.  I have to admit that while I was excited for Chase to meet Thomas, I didn't think Tweetsie would be that impressive.  I went there years ago with my family but I just don't remember being that impressed.  Maybe because I was an early teenager, I imagine?  Something about seeing the same place through the eyes of the mom of a little 2-year-old boy who loves trains that makes it a little bit different than seeing it through the eyes of a teenage girl.  You know what I mean.

 So, here's Don with Chase on one of the many trains at Tweetsie.  This one happened to be in a gift shop.

And, here we have Chase with his # 1 fan (and trust me, he's got a LOT of fans)  :)

We got Chase this cool hat to keep the sun out of his eyes (and to make him look even cuter than he already does.  you know).

Aunt Lauren (or as he says, "Ont Larn") was holding him while he made an important phone call on his new Thomas the Train phone.

 I was a big fan of this chair lift that took us up the mountain to a smaller train with other shops and things to do.

And, people, here you have it: Thomas the train.  I can't believe how cool it looked in person (Yes, I know.  I'm such an enormous dork).  I just didn't expect it look so real.

I'm pretty sure Chase had a good time.  What do you think??

As Chase would say, "Bye, Bye, Thomas!"  We'll definitely see you again next year.  :)


  1. omg - this is awesome! i've heard all about this from my "boy" mom friends. i can't wait to take ben one day!! love the pics of your little conductor smiling!

  2. This looks so fun! I bet Sammy would like to meet Thomas, too. And I love that you all went together!!