April 16, 2012

Mr. Personality

Here are a few pictures of our silly boy from Easter.

Can I just say that I love this child's personality??? I mean, I know all moms are supposed to probably say that but still. He makes me laugh. everyday. all the time.

I love how social he is. Yesterday, we were in the front yard and as a couple of people walked by our house, he would loudly say, "Hey!" They would look around, trying to find that little voice and then he would start telling them about how he was helping me. That little boy is NOT shy.

I love how he's sweet, too. He says many things that I want to always remember. But one thing in particular: "Mommy? Daddy and I are sick. Will you take care of your boys?" (I mean, really. Make a mama melt, why don't you.)

He's just becoming such a little boy. Not so much a toddler anymore. (sniff, sniff)

But a charming little boy, that is FOR SURE. :)

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