April 3, 2012

Rainy day Easter Egg hunt

This past Saturday, Lauren and I took Chase to the Easter Egg hunt that was organized by the Junior League. It was raining but the event was just moved inside.

This was us before we left (I promise we didn't dress alike on purpose):

Chase had a great time decorating a bucket with his name on it, decorating cookies and coloring pictures before the hunt started.

He even got some quality one-on-one time with the Easter bunny himself. (Chase got so comfortable, curled up beside the bunny, that we actually had to remind him that the other boys and girls need some time with him...)

Wes and Chase waited patiently for the Easter Egg hunt to get started...

...and talked a little about their game plan.

Here's Chase's face as they're explaining the 'rules'. He looks a little nervous. :)

I guess Chase's quality time with Mr. Bunny paid off so he helped Chase out a little with finding an egg that was hidden.

The pictures aren't quite as pretty without having that nice, green grass in the background but it ended up being really fun.

Before leaving the Hill House, Chase managed to get some piano time in. :)

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