October 26, 2012

Fall Festi-bal

Chase's fall festival (or "festi-bal" as he called it) was last week.  The parents were invited so I was thrilled to participate.

I had to get a picture of Chase with his best school bud, Jacob.  They are seriously inseparable.  

All the kids decorated their own candy or caramel apple.  It was interesting watching many of the kids lick the sugary goodness off their spoon then go back into the shared bowls for more.  Oh, well.  Germs won't kill ya, right?  Sometimes it's just better to not see or know these things.

After decorating apples was pumpkin decorating which was also fun.

It was interesting that Chase ran off to play with his friends while I was there but as soon as it was time for me to go to work he ran up to me and wanted to come with me.  I ended up slipping away when his back was turned.  Definitely a fun day.

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