February 14, 2013

Real pictures

Our friend Lynette Mittendof came over to take some newborn pictures of Preston a few weeks ago.  She also took some great ones with Preston and his proud big brother.  She did and always does amazing work.  We met her and her husband at our child birth class when we were pregnant with Chase and she was pregnant with Ada.  Doesn't seem that long ago...

At any rate, here are the sweet, sweet pictures of my sweet, sweet boys.

Chase is still so tender and gentle with his little brother.

It just melts my heart. 

He asks such cute questions as he watches me breast feed Preston.  And when Preston cries, Chase always asks, "What's he saying, Mama?" because we've told him that it's a baby's way of telling us that they need something.

Thanks, again, Lynette!!  Thank you for capturing on film the beauty that we see in this tiny boy and the love that this almost-4-year-old has for this tiny boy.