January 26, 2010

Chase is back!!!

Like I mentioned before, Chase has been sick for the last week. The poor little guy has had a rough time with stuffy, yet runny nose that made it almost impossible to breath through his nose. We'd go check on him while he was sleeping and his mouth would be partially open with his pacifier hanging out to the side so that he could breath. Anyway. Here's a particularly pitiful-looking picture that I took the first day he was sick while we were playing before bed.
...Now THIS is more like it. This is the Chase that is happy and feeling good. Here's the silly monkey that we know and love. (If you look carefully you will also see another tooth busting through his gums on the far right- thanks, Doug for pointing that out on Sat. night... We realized that on top of being sick he had his 7th tooth pushing through...What a rough week).

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