January 24, 2010

Date night

We made dinner plans with our friends Doug, Lynette and their sweet little girl, Ada last week before Chase got sick. I made sure they knew that we had some nasty germs flying around our house but decided to brave it since Ada just got over a cold herself. (It builds the immune system, right?? ) :) We were really excited to have them over and had a blast watching the 2 babies interact. Chase was a gentleman and let Miss Ada ride in his wagon while he pushed her back and forth in the living room. You can see from his red eyes and nose that he doesn't feel well but he was a trooper and played for a little while at least.

Ada showed Chase how to climb up onto the shelf in the kitchen island. Looks like the cookbooks that used to reside there will be finding a new home. (Don't worry, guys. It was only a matter of time before we had to move them anyway...)
Here's the 2 of them sitting together after dinner.

Thanks for coming over for dinner, Doug and Lynette! We had a great time despite our sick little guy and really hope that Ada doesn't catch Chase's cold...

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  1. Thanks for having us over! So great seeing you all and having the kiddos together, but hope poor Chase feels better soon. And the germs didn't do any harm! :)