January 10, 2010

Exciting Saturday night

Everyone talks about how your life changes quite a bit when you have a baby...Not that I/we are complaining about that at all. But let's just say that our Saturday nights used to be slightly 'wilder' than they are now. (We aren't really visiting many bars these days.) Last night our friends Champ and Angie came over to visit. They hadn't seen Chase since their wedding in October and of course he's changed quite a bit since then. So our entertainment for the night ended up being a little 18-lb. 9-month-old. Not a bad Saturday night...Just a little more tame than previous years. :)

It began with Chase being Champ's entertainment, but then you can see things changing a bit as Chase warmed up a little bit and started realizing that Champ was pretty entertaining to him as well. We appreciate you guys coming all the way to Durham to visit us!!

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