January 5, 2010

Into everything

Chase is starting to get into EVERYTHING. He is not walking yet but crawling at rapid speed and pulling up on everything he can get his little hands on. This past weekend he was in our bathrooom and we heard splashing. We look over to see Chase standing up by the toilet, leaning in on his tip toes, spashing in the toilet water. Thank God the toilet was flushed and clean. Still. I guess it's pretty nasty. But also pretty funny at the same time. Just look at this guilty little smile at what he is now able to "get into". What a mess. :)


  1. What an adorable, sneaky smile :)

  2. Oh Chase... I bet your buddy Noah would LOVE to be exploring in the bathroom with you these days! We do miss Dianne's! I bet she had great "potties" to look at too!

    ~Jenn Koehler

  3. This is hilarious! I just hope he doesn't start drinking from the toilet! hahaha!