April 19, 2010

Laurie's shower

This past weekend, I helped host my friend, Laurie's baby shower.  She is due with her second baby in June.  Kelly is due with twins (!) in August.  We have a lot of fun ahead with all these babies on the way!!  :)
I decided to bring Chase along and just prayed that he would do ok.  Which he did do okay, but kept me pretty busy the entire time, having to chase him around the house during the entire shower.  I'm pretty sure I've decided it'll be better to leave him at home next time...
He was a pretty happy boy the whole time, despite not getting an afternoon nap.
Here's Catherine, Elizabeth and Anna Grace (Laurie's sweet little 17-month-old) with the guest of honor.
This was pretty much the only time Chase sat down once the shower started.  I'm serious.
After the shower was over, we headed back to Laurie's house where Chase had a pretty good time playing with Anna Grace's toys.  I got a kick out of seeing him playing with her girl toys.  This picture of him holding her doll tightly makes me laugh.  I wish I'd gotten a picture of him pushing the baby in the play stroller.
He's looking at me like, "What??"
Whew!  What a day!  :)

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  1. OK, that photo of him with the baby and your caption of "He's looking at me like, what?!" makes me laugh out loud! Then I noticed (in the background) there is a dog on top of Chase's head and it made me laugh even more!!!!!!!

    Too cute Chase!!!!

    Walking and the teeth! We have to get your buddy Noah to catch up!

    See you soon.

    ~Jenn Koehler