April 22, 2010


Now that Chase is walking, he is on the go ALL the time.  In fact, he doesn't like to sit down even when taking a bath.  Last week, we were having our usual battle with trying to let him play while trying to encourage him to sit at the same time.  Before I could stop him, Chase fell from his standing position and hit his head/face.  Yes, I know...very SAD.  :(
Here's a picture of the injury below.  See the small cut to the side of his left eye?  I think it hurt me almost as much as it did him...
And yes, I know.  This will be just the first of many injuries that we will experience...(sigh).

1 comment:

  1. ouch is right...wow, mandy i would have cried too. he is still a cutie with a battle booboo!