April 24, 2010


Matt headed out this morning to Pinehurst for a golf trip with his college friends.  He's been pretty excited about it.  While out picking up some things he would need (want) for the weekend, he found an age-appropriate set of clubs for Chase.  Remember the one he bought for Chase for Christmas?  (See the picture below from 4 months ago).

Well, this plastic, snoopy set of clubs seems like it might do a little bit less damage to our house (and everything in it). 
He seems to like the new toys quite a bit.  In fact, he carried this golf ball and golf club around the house without letting go from the time that Matt got home from work until he went to bed.  He probably would have slept with them if we'd let him. 
Maybe starting this early will ensure a college scholarship one day??  One can hope.

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