April 7, 2010

Step aside, Glow worm.

Chase doesn't really have any sort of "lovey" (a blanket or stuffed animal that he sleeps with and/or is otherwise attached to). Since Christmas he's had a glow worm that plays music and he kind of likes it but doesn't seem to notice if it's not in the bed with him for nap/bedtime. The other day, we were playing with some of the stuffed animals in his room and I found this teddy bear that plays music and has a heartbeat sound when you press a button. Ever since we stumbled upon this bear, Chase has seemed to develop a little bit of a 'relationship' with the bear. When he's upset (which happens a little more frequently now that he's becoming a toddler and is more fiesty when not able to get his way), the bear and the music calms him down. Here's some sweet pictures of him hugging Mr. Bear after falling asleep last night.

...In other exciting news: Chase is a walking MACHINE. It seems like this just happened overnight, but he is seriously walking all over the place now. More on that later, though. :)

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  1. I seem to remember hearing that Matt used to sleep with his rear in the air like that when we were little. lol