May 14, 2010

What a fun day.

Chase had quite a fun-filled day today at Leslie's.  He helped Leslie make banana muffins (without milk or butter so he could eat them.  Very thoughtful!).  He apparently enjoyed helping her stir the ingredients together...Then he got to try them. 

Here he is checking it out.

...And still checking it out.  So according to several things I've read recently, it takes 8-15 times for a child/baby to try something new to really decide if they like it or not. This picture shows why it takes that many times for a baby to decide.  I don't know if this is the case with most babies, but Chase really does have to check out the feel and the texture of something before he decides whether or not he should actually eat it.  And sometimes he has to also see Matt or I eat it before he decides it's ok for him.

Check out this face...THIS is what I'm talking about.

He also had fun playing with the cool car that Samantha got for her birthday last weekend.  Chase enjoys playing with it as much as she does.  I love this face that he's making here. 

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