June 19, 2010

Beach vacation, Part 2.

I'm sad to say that today is our last full day here at Emerald Isle.  Here are a few more pictures of what else we've been up to:
We walked over to the beach and let Chase play for a little while:

Then we took Chase to the Aquarium one afternoon:
He was pretty interested in seeing the fish.  He particularly enjoyed smushing his face up against the glass.  I'm fairly certain that he's not the only kid who does that.  The person in charge of cleaning the glass definitely has job security.

This is one of my favorite pictures (below).  I love how Chase is looking at Matt.  He looked in the aquarium, then back up at Matt as if to ask,'What do you think, Dad?'
Now that brings us to yesterday's pics.  Poor little guy had quite a rough day.  He had kind of an 'off' day but I thought that maybe it was just the two teeth that are coming in.  He got up from his nap in the afternoon and we got him lathered up in sunscreen to play in the pool.  However, he wasn't interested in swimming or playing.  The only way I could calm him was for me to hold him close (while in the pool) and within a few minutes the sound of the music, the water, and the wind lulled him to sleep.  I brought him up to the shaded screened-in porch to rock him and let him sleep (see pics below).  This was somewhat alarming considering that the last time he would fall asleep (and stay asleep) in my arms was probably back when he was about 4 months old.  After a while I noticed that he was pretty hot, but I thought that it was just because it was so hot outside and was sitting so closely to me.  But just to be safe I pulled out his thermometor.  Sure enough, he had a fever of 101.8.  Out came the Children's Tylenol (generic of course due to the recent drug recall). 

Conveniently enough this also was the day that Matt and I had been planning our 'date night'.  After deliberating quite a bit we decided that Chase would be in good hands for us to go out and grab dinner.  I figured that tylenol and rest would be the best thing for him.  After getting to the restaurant, taking a few sips of our adult beverages and placing our order we got the dreaded call: Chase's fever had risen to 102.8.  Everything I've read/heard says to call a doctor when a baby's fever reaches 103.  Close enough.  We shoveled the food in our mouths, immediately asked for the check and rushed to the Urgent Care center where Matt's parents and sister were meeting us with Chase.  That was the longest 30 minute drive of my life.  Of all places to be we had to endure 30 mintues of a 2-lane road with a speed limit of 35-45 mph.  Ugh.  I had a hard time sitting still.  At any rate, we were really lucky to find an urgent care center that was open.  The doctor looked in his ears and quickly diagnosed him with an ear infection in both ears.  Yikes.  We started the prescribed Amoxicillin and Motrin and put him to bed at a much later bedtime for him- 10pm.  Whew what a night.  He's much better today but we had an eventful night that is for sure.  Needless to say he won't be playing in the 95 degree heat today.  We'll be feeding him Motrin, Amoxicillin and plenty of fluids.  What a way to end the vacation, huh?


  1. I'm so sorry your baby is feeling bad...but at least your body looks amazing :) I really hope he gets better.

  2. so sorry to hear the little guy was not well the last days of your trip. hope things are much better.