June 30, 2010

Play date

We went to visit Laurie and baby Daniel yesterday.  I am truly amazed by how easy Laurie makes it all look.  I'm pretty sure that I would not seem so laid back with a brand new baby and a 20-month-old.  Chase had a great time playing with Anna Grace, though.  He loved her little table and chairs.  I think he enjoyed

playing tea party as well.
He kept pretending to drink out of this play cup:
Elizabeth drove up for the afternoon from Greensboro so she could visit Kelly first, then they both came over to meet us at Laurie's.  Kelly is pregnant with twins (!) and due in August.  She's on modified bed rest and quickly getting bored so I think she enjoyed the "excitement".

Chase was really funny around baby Daniel.  You can see in this picture that he's touching Daniel's nose.  Right before we left, Chase was leaning over towards Daniel like he wanted to kiss him, so I helped him lean in.  When I did that, Chase stuck his finger out, sticking it straight into Daniel's little brand-new, newborn eye... Whoops...  Sorry, Laurie.  We'll work on that for next time.  Great to see you ladies!!

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  1. I need another cookie...feed me...that's what I look like.