June 29, 2010

Summer Fun

I don't think anyone would dispute that we (Chase) has a pretty amazing babysitter.  (Well, 2 amazing babysitters, of course.)  But here are some pictures from last week at Leslie's:
Eating popsicles on the back patio during 'pool time'.

Now THIS picture makes me laugh:

And here we have him after taking the towel off his head (but still carrying his necklace), going back for a dip in the pool maybe?
They made dairy-free cupcakes last week as well.  Chase loves 'helping':
He wasn't so interested in actually EATING them after they were made, but he seemed to have a good time helping with the stirring.
Leslie, thank you so much for sharing these pictures!!  It helps make those 40 hours a week that I have to spend away from Chase (at work) that much more bearable...You're the best!!

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  1. I love having Chase with us! He makes my day so much fun and I love that he likes to help me out around the house. Hopefully one day we'll find a cooking activity to do that he'll like to eat!