September 8, 2010

This is what happens...

...when Chase runs out of extra clothes during the day at Leslie's:
(Yes.  That IS indeed a DOOK t-shirt)

To further explain, Leslie sent me an email this afternoon to 'warn' me about what Chase would be wearing when I picked him up.  Apparently he'd gone through not only the outfit that he was originally wearing but also through the extra outfit I keep in his diaper bag for emergencies.  She was really sweet about it because it sounded like she dug through all of Samantha's clothes and the only things in Chase's size were dresses and pink, girly pants.  The other option was this Dook t-shirt...  I really do appreciate the fact that she put so much thought into what clothes she helped Chase change into.  I also appreciate the fact that she sent me an email to warn me.  Thanks, Leslie!
I know, Buddy.  We'll get you into some Tarheel gear as soon as possible...
(Oh, and P.S. In case you're wondering we will now not only be keeping extra clothes in the diaper bag, but Leslie will also be getting her very own set of clothes to keep at her house...  Just in case.)  :)


  1. so, i was hoping he would mess this outfit up...haha!

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  3. This post has me cracking up! Maybe I should have stuck him in a dress, but then we wouldn't have this fun story to read. Chase will now have his own shelf for cloths along side Samantha's.