July 2, 2011

Emerald Isle 2011- Part 1

I've gotten a little behind with my blog postings since we've had a few things going on the past few weeks, to say the least.  one of the more positive things was our annual beach trip to Emerald Isle with Matt's family.  Chase is the only child in the family and he (and everyone else) enjoyed that fact.  This is his 3rd trip to EI since he was born but this was by far the most fun for him.  The first year he was only 3 months and this is pretty much all he could do:

Last year, he was just over 1, so he was able to have a little more fun (but we were really nervous with all the stairs and other 'hazards' around the house...

Well, this year, was much more fun. 

 He absolutely loved playing in the pool...

He also love his pool that Aunt Lauren (he now says "Lar-nen") bought him:

He also loved the screened in porch (Matt, can we get one of those??). 

He also loved play with this guy.  Pops was sure to make sure Chase had a good time while on vacation.  :)

Now, the ocean and the sand was another story.  He liked playing the sand but it took some getting used to.  The ocean scared him so we're still working on it.

More pictures to follow.  Our home computer takes forever so I only have the patience to add these pictures for now. 

Stay tuned for more vacation pictures... 

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  1. oooh, this gets me so excited for our trip to EI in August!!! sydney was PETRIFIED of the ocean last year...hopefully we'll convince her that waves are a good thing this year! ;)