July 4, 2011

Emerald Isle 2011- Part 2

To continue with pictures from our trip to Emerald Isle, here's Chase playing in the pool:

...and playing one morning on the porch with his car (one of them).

One afternoon Matt and I took Chase to the Aquarium and it was awesome seeing Chase's face light up when we walked in, seeing him sprint accross the room (uh, this is a daily thing no matter where we are or what we're doing.  his name is very appropriate since he seriously runs.  everywhere.  all the time), and sqeal with excitement.

I love seeing this little smile on his face here:

And then, back to the pool, being silly:

Here, he's pointing to something, expressing himself in some way.  Which, speaking of that, Chase's communication seems like it's exploding overnight.  I feel like I saw development even in that beach week.  Chase definitely has no problem expressing himself and letting us know what he needs.  And let's just be honest.  He pretty much gets what he needs (ok, wants.) most of the time.

But, look at this face.  I mean, really.  Would you be able to tell this kid no?  :)

And here are my boys just chilling in the hot tub:

Here's the gorgeous view from the back porch/back yard of the house.  I love that it's overlooking the inlet and so peaceful.  I loved taking a book out to the screened in back porch, sitting in the rocking chair and relaxing with this view.

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