May 9, 2012

Superhero party

This past Saturday Chase helped his best buddy, Samantha celebrate her 3rd birthday.  The superhero theme was a hit and the kids had a blast.  Spiderman was a popular choice, apparently.  We were able to borrow Chase's outfit from someone I work with which was great since I wasn't feeling especially creative.

Although, I wish I was.  Creative, that is.  Because the little guy standing beside Chase in that picture was wearing nothing but a cape and underwear.  He was Captain Underoos.  Very funny.

Chase wanted to take some pictures as well, so he caught this shot of me, sitting by the back door. 

He was very helpful in helping Samantha open her presents as well.  See the ribbon on his chest?  He won Pin the Mask on the Superhero.  I was a very proud mama.  :)

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